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Joy’s Journey


When God tells you to move sometimes you think, ok is this really God talking to me. When God told me to leave Florida and move to Texas, I didn’t know what part or what job was in store. Leaving my past behind, but to leave family was hard. I arrived in Mesquite, Texas on February 7, 2014 with my daughter to stay with a friend and her family. Everyday getting up and looking for a job was a struggle because I just left a job that was a decent job to be truthful. The same week I visited the Potter’s House of Dallas and only that same day joined God’s Leading Ladies and little did I know that would change my life.  That following week my daughter and I found ourselves in a situation with the family we were staying with and I decided to leave. With nowhere to go I asked some ladies at church do they know where my daughter and I can stay because we are homeless. That same day, I called Healing Heart’s Shelter and spoke with someone about my situation and I was told to come and meet with Alecia Peters. That Monday meeting was the start of something God had in store for me to rid all of the pride I was carrying and humble myself for the journey he had for me.


Even though going through the trauma of being sexual assaulted in the military and moving in a shelter for domestic violence, I didn’t want to face this monster again because I pushed it way in the back of my mind.

I can say I was grateful for a roof over our heads, but God was pruning me and rustled with being in a shelter and gave Ms. Peters a hard time. “Pride”, because I had a Master’s degree and living in a shelter, God what are you doing? While going to counseling, I started healing and gained strength to make lemon aid out of lemons.

Several weeks passed by and I was going through Veterans Affairs to get an apartment and on the day going to sign my paperwork, I get a call from the Potter’s House. Someone on the other end asked me was I still interested in the executive admin position at TORI (Texas Offender’s Reentry Initiative). I said I didn’t apply for this position but it was a setup from God. When I interviewed with the Director, she told me she got my resume from a young lady in God’s Leading Ladies, and I forgot I gave my resume to a young lady that worked at the Potter’s House. That same day, I walked away with a job that I didn’t apply for and that was just the beginning. Healing Hearts helped me in my time of need, but also showed me how to be humble.

Three months at TORI turned into another position at the Potter’s House. I was offered a position in the counseling department. Yes, I’m a counselor by trade and love to help people but thought that I was above receiving help myself from Healing Heart’s. Hmmm, but God, he will show you who’s Boss! Two months after I left my job in Jacksonville, Florida and moved to Texas, God had a job with my name on it. My first check from my job, I found an apartment in Grand Prairie and moved in. I have been at the Potter’s House for a year and two months. I love what I do and soon will open a Counseling Center for Women Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Military Sexual Assault (MST) called Naomi’s Journey. Because everyone has a journey and everyone needs healing.


I’m so grateful to Alecia Peters and her journey of starting Healing Hearts because women need to heal and have a fresh start. Old things are passed away and behold all things are become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

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